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Kashinath Logistics company is a leading logistics company currently located at Nileshwar Kasaragod District Kerala. Gail Project was started through M/S RC Gupta, M/S Vikram Travels, M/S IT Associates in 2013 at Kochi Kerala under the guidance of Midhun Raj. Currently, we have 100+ Lcvs and Hcvs running throughout Kerala for Indian Oil- Adani through M/S RC Gupta. We have pioneered in providing a safe and reliable logistics network in the field of parcel service, ensuring last mile delivery even in remote locations.

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+91 90613 52434

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Why Choose Us

We have been serving our customers with a wide range of Logistic Transportation

Proven Industry Expertise

Our deep expertise extends into every aspect of the transport process across industries and has been developed over decades, enabling us to fill in any logistical gap our clients may be experiencing.

Flexible Transportation Solutions

We have a dedicated logistics team that provides end to end solutions. Our service includes low and heavy loads of transportation across Kerala.

Professional Staff

We have experienced and expert personnel for each department in the logistics stream. We train our staff for easy shipment documentation to our customers.

24/7 Support

We have 24/7 Support service available to attend our customers queries..

Our Services

We Focus On Ultimate Sophistication Providing Elegant Solutions For Customer Needs

Taxi Services

When every second matters, our team is available 24 hours a day to create the most flexible solutions for your time-critical transports.


We are the undertaker of Indian Oil- Adani Group Private Limited through M/S RC Gupta. Main transportation of CNG in Kerala.

Insurance Services

As an insurance service provider, our first and foremost priority is you – the customer. Our commitment to customer satisfaction is unwavering.

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At Kashinath Logistics, we pride ourselves on offering a full range of transportation, freight, and documentation services under one roof. From sea to sky, our dedicated team is always ready to transport your beloved possessions and valuable items to their destination safely and securely. With technology, we ensure your parcels are always secured and everything is tracked and traced.

Our focus is on changing the exhausting procedure of logistics and transportation into a simple, straightforward undertaking for our clients.

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+91 90613 52434

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    Midhun Raj

    Managing Director

    Madhushree Dileep

    Logistics Manager

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